Who We Are

The Case Manager Association of South Africa (CMASA) is a registered section 21 company (not for profit) association, promoting professionalism, ethical values and excellence through education, networking and support for the individual Case Manager and the collective development of Case Management in South Africa.

Founded in 2009, CMASA is dedicated to the support and development of the profession of Case Management.

It plans to achieve goals through educational forums, networking opportunities, legislative advocacy and establishing standards of practice to advance the profession.


The demands of managed care and the pressure on all sectors to be more efficient and effective managers of cost of care have created the vital and compelling need for the professional management of an episode of care (a case).

As a result, Case Management has evolved and developed into an imperative function within the health care and wellbeing industry. The role of the Case Manager has now become one of the clinical practitioner specialists in the co-ordination of care and the resultant outcomes of quality care and cost.

The professional Case Manager of today is expected to support the bottom line by assisting in the delivery of quality health care. To achieve this, the Case Manager needs to be appropriately qualified, skilled and experienced in order to deliver the expectation and the value.

The integration of Case Management within the hospital, medical schemes and managed care organisations is fundamental to the process of the delivery and management of client/member care.

CMASA therefore, in recognising the value that Case Managers can bring to an organisation, feels strongly that there needs to be comprehensive supporting structures in both formal education and informal communication together with the establishment of a new professional category for the personal and career development of individuals who have taken on the challenge of becoming Case Managers.

As the organisation grows we recognise that Case Management is a function also used outside the hospital, health schemes and managed health care organisations. Case Management is also utilised in coordination of rehabilitation and vocational (return to work) programmes, where injury on duties; work and non-work related injuries and illnesses impacts an employee's ability to stay at or return to work.

CMASA is presently part of a process to consolidate formal training for Case Managers practising in South Africa. More on this subject will be publicised soon.

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